Identity & awards

Born in Saint-Quentin (02) on January 24, 1974, nothing predestined me to become a rider of the French team of dressage handisport ….

I start riding at the age of 8 with pony lessons. At the age of 15, I return to learning lad-jockey and my professional jockey career starts.

On September 1st, 1994, I had a car accident the day after a victory of a big horse race in Belgium. The diagnosis is irrevocable: I must be amputated from my right leg.

After months of rehabilitation, I have to relearn how to walk, to adapt to my prosthesis. But the urge to go back on horse is still very present. I overcome my handicap and thanks to my practice, i acquire the strength to fight and make my life memorable and unforgettable.


  • 6th  World Championship (individual) – Fidertanz For Rosi
  • 8th des World Championship (team) – Fidertanz For Rosi
  • 3rd Nations Cup (team) – Fidertanz For Rosi
  • WINNER in two individual competitions – Fidertanz For Rosi


WINNER – France Champion Para dressage Grade IV – Fidertanz der Rosi WINNER – France Champion Amateur 2 (dressage) – Fidertanz der Rosi TOKYO PARALYMPIC GAMES
9th (Individual) Olympic Games and 6th (team)


October : Le Mans – Bouleries Jump WINNER – France Champion Amateur 1  – Tarantino Fleuri August : Le Mans – Bouleries Jump 2nd France Major Amateur 1 (circuit valide) –  Tarantino Fleuri


November : 3rd France Championship – Fidertanz For Rosi (1st competition in paradressage) Juin : CPEDI*** SOMMA LOMBARDO (ITALIE) > 3rd (team), 2nd (Individual) , 1st RLM


September  : JEM TRYON (USA) 10th (individual) & 11th (team) Juillet : CPEDI*** BISCHOP BURTON (ENGLAND) 2nd (team) 3rd (individual) 4th RLM 2nd Nations Cup July : CPEDI*** ÜBERRHERN (GERMANY) 4th (team) 8th (individual) 6th (RLM) 5th Nations Cup May : CPEDI*** MAHNNEIM (GERMANY) 10th (individual) 8th (team) 6th RLM 3rd Nations Cup April : CPEDI*** WAREGEM (BELGIUM) 6th (team) 5th (Individual) 7th (RLM) 3rd Nations Cup Avril : CPEDI*** DEAUVILLE (FRANCE) > 10th (team) 10th (individual) 4th Nations Cup


November 2017 : Champion of FRANCE at ST LÔ with Tarantino Fleuri. September – October 2017 : Resumption of work slowly for Tarantino Fleuri after more than a year of convalescence June 2017 : 3rd place at the CPEDI of SOMMA LOMBARDO (ITA) with Richardz du loing (horse entrusted by Miss Camille AUDO) May 2017 : Not ranked at the CPEDI of ROOSENDAAL (NED) with Richardz du loing April 2017: Not classified at the CPEDI of WAREGEM (BEL) and DEAUVILLE (FRA) with Richardz du loing


November 2016 : Champion of FRANCE at ST LÔ with Voltaire de Bruyères. August 2016 : Grand National Compiègne / 3rd in the PRO 3 event May 2016 : ROOSENDAAL CPEDI *** (NED)> 10th of the team restart / 10th of the individual restart March 2016 : National La Roche sur Yon (FRANCE)> 3rd on the team test restart, 2nd in the individual takeover imposed – National Le Mans: 7th in the PRO 3 / 1st event of the AM1 event


June 2015 : Champion of FRANCE at ST LÔ with Tarentino Fleuri. CPEDI *** Mulhouse (FRANCE) 4th in the imposed team test, 4th in the individual reign imposed, 3rd in the free music rehearsal May 2015 : 2nd of the imposed team test, 1st of the imposed individual reign, 1st in the free music rehearsal April 2015 : CPEDI *** WAREGEM (BELGIUM)> 3rd in the imposed team test, 6th in the individual reign imposed, 6th in the free music rehearsal April 2015 : CPEDI *** DEAUVILLE (FRANCE)> 6th in the Nations Cup, 8th in the individual sanctioned competition – not qualified for free music rehearsal