Photo gallery

CPEDI *** Somma Lombardo (Italie) Juin 2019


CPEDI *** of Deauville (France) april 2018

Thanks, JC Briens for photography. A very good day.

France championship 2017

A great moment in Saint-Lô with Tarentino Fleuri and the whole team.

CPEDI *** of Waregem (Belgium) - april 2015

Tarentino always puts our eyes full. Thank you.

CPEDI *** of Deauville (France) april 2015

We had a wonderful day and a top player horse !

World Equestrian Games in Caen (France) 2014

Many photos for a lot of emotions. Games, laughter, good stress and lots of emotions all together.

Paralympic Games of London (England) 2012.

The competitions abroad are often unforgettable, these games in London made me dream, exceptional moments.

CPEDI *** of Deauville (France) march 2012

Deauville is a wonderful city where competitions are always more exciting than each other. Excellent memories that I wanted to share with you through some shots.

CPEDI *** of San Marti Vell (Spain) January 2012

The sun of the South, a horse out of norm, and still a very nice competition thanks to my wonderful team.